welcome to the club!

Course start date: June 15th.

Congratulations on taking a leap. Your future self–the one that has overcome whatever was in your way, the one that’s sitting at your desk five months from now feeling self-expressed, proud, and inspired–thanks you.

There is no need to do anything until the course starts on June 15th. But if you’re ready and rearing to go, we suggest giving some thought to who you would like to be in five months. Get out a whiteboard, break out the journal, paste on your vision board. This is the time to dream up what is possible (or impossible…).

Some housekeeping: Please fill out the form below so that we know more about your specific journey. This information will also allow us to match you with the optimal accountability partner. 

And be sure to add “hello@newhealthcare.club” to your contacts so we don’t end up in your spam folder.

We can’t wait.

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