business training for wellness entrepeneurs

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A 5-month business training for wellness entrepreneurs, taught by industry leaders & consultants, and curated with behavioral psychology in mind.

Learn from the industry’s top professionals.

Angel Phoenix

Doula & Biz Coach

Anjali Shah

The Picky Eater Blog

Christine Hansen

Sleep Coach & Biz Mentor

Jenny Sansouci

Author & Founder of Healthy Crush

Dr. Kim Foster

MD, Coach + Brand Strategist

Kylie Malcolm

Website Designer & Content Creator for Health Coaches

Natalie Zises

Binge + Diet Recovery Coach

Nory Pouncil

Self-Awareness Coach

Rebecca Tracey

Founder, The Uncaged Life & Uncage Your Business

Sam Vander Wielen

Lawyer, Legal Templates for Coaches

Talia Pollock

Party In My Plants

What makes this training unique?


Business tools & training–check. But let’s increase the effectiveness with expert teachers AND behavioral psychology.

Erin & Kara are health coaches turned consultants who struggled early on. Not only were they unclear about what to do, but their execution was poor as they grappled with a host of negative thought patterns. 

We’ve curated business advice from the biggest names in the industry and created an actionable 5-month plan to get your business off the ground, both online and offline. The best part? We account for the human part–we provide a community of awesome like-minded entrepreneurs, pair you with a ‘business bff’ to keep you accountable, and give you ways we learned to overcome fear and direct our energy toward success.

Easy as 1,2,3

Free Business Guides

First Month Business Playbook

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? We’ll make it easy for you: you’re ready now, so go for it. You don’t need fancy tools or an amaaaazing website to start. What do you need? Paying clients (and we can help!). We’ll show you the pieces (lead pages, business tools, clarity) to focus on first, and what you can tee up next.


A note for health coaches in particular:

Since the Institute for Integrative Nutrition first created its health coach certification in 1992, its churned out over 100,000 graduates and started a movement that led to the development of many other health coach certification programs. The Health Coach Institute claims that health coaches make an average of $50,000-$75,000 per the US Department of Labor. 

We’ve been unable to verify that number. has the average health coach making $46,000/year and has health coaches making an average $20.22/hour (that’s $40,440/year with two weeks of vacation). Let’s be honest – that’s not a lot. On top of that, any graduates of accredited health coaching programs aren’t even practicing.

What needs to change? Business training that’s adapted to both the online and offline landscapes.

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